Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Home from Teatro. A little drunk. Had three cocktails that were ohmigod strong - though the dark rum one with the cinnamon sugar rim was to die for - and um, fell asleep on the car ride home. Not while I was driving. That was Craig. Driving, I mean. How I fell asleep with the Broadway cast of The Book of Mormon blasting in my ears, I have no idea.

Did I mention Craig is obsessed with that soundtrack? He plays it ALL THE TIME. I swear, it's worse than when I was obsessed with Les Miz.

Well, maybe not.

But the meal was fab, and the pretty boy waiters - and the photographer, yum - were worth ogling. Joan Baez - yes, THE Joan Baez - performed. The lady is aging well, though she seemed to have a different accent every time she came onstage and honestly, probably shouldn't have worn a backless dress for half the show. The male lead was creepy. Imagine Rene Auberjonois as a vampire. My favorite was the former Olympic rhythm gymnast who did an aerial silk act. God, she was fantastic. Sensual and seductive, with a body to die for. Something about the silk wrapping around her hips and thighs.

Yes, I'm drunk enough to admit that I'd do her, lol.

I was working on a fic for hc_bingo on the way to the show, but then got struck with the sudden desire to write a story about how Percival lost his family on the show. Not that I did. I just got hit the yen for it. Someone should write it, though I have a funny feeling that someone is going to be me.

Okay, getting sleepy again. I should figure out how to get this necklace off before I strangle myself in my sleep with it.

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