Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Charity auctions

Um...because I'm partially insane, and because I feel guilty that I've never actually offered anything for auctions before (I've always been a bidder), I have decided to throw my fic into the hat for a couple of charity auctions.

First of all, there's the Help the Fight Against Depression auction ella_rose88 is running. It's to raise money for an organization in Australia which is working to address issues associated with depression, anxiety and related disorders in Australia. It's at the community m_in_wonderland , and I'm offering fic of 1k+ to the three highest bidders in either Merlin or Buffy. My offer is here.

Second, I'm offering up fic at the second round at helpthesouth . I have two sisters who live in the south, so helping this region means a lot to me. There, I'm offering a 3k+ fic to the highest bidder, again in either Merlin or Buffy fandoms.

Even if you're not interested in my fic, go take a look and see what other people are offering. They're both good causes, deserving of attention.
Tags: auctions, fic

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