Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Home from the wedding. Had an absolute fantabulous time. The morning was spent helping get everything set up. Ultimately, that meant Craig and I were official ironers of all the tablecloths. I must love my sister a lot because I don't iron for my own family, lol. Then back to the hotel to get ready. We had a little drama picking up the cake - the woman at the bakery was such a bitch - but got to the venue with time to spare.

The poetry reading went well. Sis chose "I Loved You First" by Christina Rossetti, and I was up very early in a short ceremony. In the receiving line, she gave me a huge hug and told me how wonderful it had gone, and a few other people commented about how impressed they were with. My new BIL's dad told him how surprised he was by how good it was, lol. It's easy to exceed expectations when they're set so low, I guess. But I'm pleased because Sis is pleased, and that's what mattered.

The reception was fun. Craig and I were trying to get Alex to ask somebody to dance. There were a couple girls there around his age. But he was being very shy and wouldn't go up at all, so I went and asked Sonje if she'd ask him to dance, just to try and break the ice. She went one better. She found her favorite girl child guest and asked her to ask Alex. Apparently, that was all it took. Alex danced with her once, and then the two were inseparable. Craig got some pictures, but this is the one I got on my phone, that shows how much Alex hates getting his picture taken:

Sis told me the girl came up to her afterward and thanked her profusely and gave her two big thumbs up, lol.

So...wonderful day. I'm so happy for them. My new BIL is a fantastic guy; I'm so glad he's a member of the family now. He makes Sis happy and treats her like how she deserves. He's definitely a keeper.
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