Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Update from DC:

It's been a hectic few days for us. We arrived with minimal fuss on Saturday night, then spent Sunday doing a *lot* of walking. The time we spent inside was mostly done at the Air and Space Museum, which was beyond fun. My favorite moment from Alicia all day? When we were looking at the portraits of all the crew of the various Apollo/Gemini/Mercury flights, she frowned and said, "No women astronauts? Not cool." That's my girl. :)

The kids whined a lot about our walk back, and I paid for it the next day. Craig booked us on a trolley tour yesterday, but we mostly used it to get to the hotel and back, and for a few of the longer gaps in between things. A good chunk of our afternoon was spent at the Museum of American History, which I adored. I insisted on starting in the popular culture section, so I could see things like Fonzie's coat and Minnie Pearl's hat. However, I wore the wrong shoes and got blisters on my feet. Because my hip is in pain today, I'm taking it easy and staying at the hotel for the morning and afternoon while they're gone. Tonight, we have tickets for Reduced Shakespeare at the Kennedy Center, which I think is an excellent way to finish our DC stay.

One odd/surprising thing? Yesterday, we discovered who was in the suite next to us. Friends from our previous address. The mom was the school librarian at the kids' old school as well as assistant coach for Alicia's softball team, and her daughter was one of Alicia's friends. Talk about a small world!

Today, I'm going to be a slug and write. I wrote a short one-shot yesterday that I posted at KMM last night, and there's another I'm going to do today. I've also been chipping away at my entry for the next challenge at ag_fics. We drive down to NC tomorrow so I'm going to have a lot of time on the drive to write then, too.

It'll be a welcome escape. My imagination is one of the few things in my life I can count on never to let me down.
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