Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Hitting the road

In less than 8 hours, we get on a plane for DC. In less than 5 hours, we leave to drive the 90 minutes to the airport to catch our earlybird flight.

I'm still awake. Craig isn't planning on sleeping at all. One suitcase isn't packed because he's planning on showering before we leave, and thus, I can't pack any of his toiletries. I'm leaving it for him.

We're gone for 9 days, half of it spent in DC doing touristy/vacation stuff, half of it in NC for my sister's wedding. Laptops are going, of course. We go nowhere without those. And Craig has his myfi, so even if we couldn't get internet someplace, we've got access. Plans include museums galore, especially Natural History and Space and Air, probably Reduced Shakespeare at the Kennedy Center (though we saw this one in Napa a couple years ago), and the trolley tour. I also want to hit at least one really nice restaurant, but I'm still researching those. Any recommendations would be highly appreciated. :)

I have to get up in 3.5 hours. I should probably go to bed, lol.
Tags: life

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