Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Odds and sods

So my crazy week is almost done. I just have to get through two ball games, awards presentations, and two parties tomorrow now. *headthunk*

I went and got a card at hc_bingo...

insomnia poltergeist headaches / migraines explosion undeserved reputation
unrequited pining hostages unwanted transformation corporal punishment mistaken identity
attacked by a creature family WILD CARD disappearing torture
job-related trauma counseling sensory deprivation forced to hurt somebody minor illness
interrogation surgery deprogramming loss of possessions extortion

I'm not giving it too close of thought right now. That will wait until next week, but this way I have it and will be ready to pounce when my brain is ready. This should be a lot easier than the schmoop bingo was, lol.

My baking turned out pretty darn good, though I had to switch which brownie I was doing since I didn't buy enough bittersweet chocolate. I decided to do a blondie instead, that turned out fabulous.

Because Craig was having such fabulous results just using Lose It to count calories and track everything, I decided to start using it last weekend. So far, I'm down 3 pounds. I know I won't keep that up, but just doing this has helped me dip below a ten-pound marker I've been fighting to get past for months. So that's a definite success already.
Tags: diet, fic, hc bingo, life

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