Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I'm the last one up. I keep feeling like I should do something, but...I can't really concentrate on anything. I was hoping reading fic would work, but nope, I got caught on stories that triggered my inner editor and that plan went out the window. Writing doesn't work because I'm currently caught between a place of "I suck" and "How do I make this work" on my KMM.

Alex's playoff game was tonight. They won. Not nearly as dramatic as last night's game, but now both my kids' teams are in the finals on Saturday. We'll be spending most of Saturday at the ball park, though my week is looking busy. Tomorrow is shopping for birthday presents and practices for both kids, Friday is a birthday party, Saturday starts at 8 with Alex's game/Alicia's game at 12, Alex at a bbq at 12/Alicia's softball party after her game/Alicia at a slumber party that night.

Well, maybe Alicia is the one with the really busy week, lol. Though tomorrow I need to bake for the softball party since I'm bringing desserts. I'm doing a raspberry cake bar, a cheesecake bar, and a brownie topped with chocolate chip cookie dough. I figured that was a nice range.

Maybe I'll just sign off and try to sleep. If I try really hard, I can repeat that dream with Tom and Bradley, and me as Angel, right? Or at least get a variation...
Tags: life

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