Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

So everyone has arrived. And I'm only now getting back online after everything tonight, which means I got zero accomplished. I'm going to be racing to get it all done in the morning now.

Alicia's game was...interesting. It started off badly. Their two best pitchers both had lousy innings, and we gave up 13 runs in just the first three. We were resigned to losing because the girls were getting very discouraged. But then they started to rally, and halfway through the sixth inning, they'd managed to tie everything up. All they needed to do was score a run and they'd win, thus being in the championship game on Saturday.

They didn't. But because it's a playoff game, they had to keep going.

Seventh inning, they keep the other team from scoring. Again, all they have to do is score a single run. Doesn't happen.

Eighth inning. Our pitcher is getting tired. They give up a run. That means we have to at least score a run to tie and keep going, two to win the game. They deliberately walk the first batter, because she'd hit a triple and a home run already, then end up walking the next two. So bases are loaded. Our other power hitter comes up. No outs. She hit a solid single, but two of the girls managed to get in, so we FINALLY won the game. Most games last two hours max. This one was three and a half.

It's nine by this point, and nobody's eaten dinner. Nobody wants to cook, so we get something in and then sit around and talk until about twenty minutes ago.

I'm now in catch-up mode. I'm going to totally sleep in. I usually post on my KMM first thing, but, no, that's not happening. It'll just have to happen later in the day. But at least I finished my entry for the Gwen Saves Arthur challenge at ag_fics.
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