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So weird not to be announcing a new chapter...

So yesterday ended up being a mad flurry of activity that left me completely exhausted at 8pm last night. OK, well, that's not exactly true. Yesterday was a mad flurry all right, but what really did me in was getting on the treadmill for the first time since mid-last week. I really, really, really hate to sweat, but no way am I giving up on this. Changes don't happen without work, and I can't grouse about my clothes not fitting properly if I'm not willing to do something about it.

After commenting back and forth with xmirax about Diana Gabaldon the other day, I went and pulled out all my reading copies of her Outlander series and started reading from the beginning last night. If anyone hasn't read her, I *highly* recommend her work. It starts with Outlander (called "Cross Stitch" in the UK) and is continued on in the next 4 books. It is *not* just a romance. It's adventure and politics and an amazing love story all wrapped up into one. I have to admit, next to Spike, Jamie Fraser---the hero in the book---is probably my all-time favorite male character. And the first few books take place primarily in Scotland, so huge bonus there. Ooo...I wonder if anyone has ever done any Jamie icons...

I have to admit, that fic commentary thing that seems to be floating around sounds like huge amounts of fun. Of course, it would also be huge amounts of work because of the length of my stories. However, I'm going to toss it out there that if anyone would be curious to read one, just comment about which story (or maybe just part of a story) you'd like to see. Or ask a question about a fic if you want. I'll do it; I'm easy. :)

OK, 39 things on the to do list today. How much you wanna bet that I still have more than 30 by the time I go to bed tonight and yet will have crossed off at least 15? :D

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