Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

A lazy day in

Dreary weather kept us inside all day, though the sun finally came out around six this evening. We had the carpets cleaned yesterday, and we'd left them bare overnight to dry, so this morning was spent rearranging the house and doing various odds and ends. Then the family scattered, each to do his/her own thing. Craig's currently addicted to Flash Forward, and he spent all his free time watching that. The kids got a book from Amazon this week about different kinds of paper airplanes to model, and spent their time making a jillion different kinds.

Me? I took a much-needed nap this afternoon, as well as wrote the next chapter on the KMM story I'm posting anonymously. I'm getting close to the end on that one, which is good since it's 62k already, lol. I feel guilty that this ended up consuming a good chunk of my writing time instead of my BB, but honestly, I loved this, and hey, I wrote that much in the time period since BB began (and it'll be done before the BB deadline, too) so in my heart, I did a BB anyway. I just posted it as I was writing rather than saved it for the end.

But I'm going to do another A/G when I'm done with this one, so hopefully that will start some time in July. I think I'm going to do merlin_muses this year. I had just started dipping my toe back into fanfic when it went up last year, and I wasn't confident enough to give it a try even though there were a number of prompts that I found interesting. But this year is different. Plus, minor ships don't get enough fic for them. I find it funny that all the ships that interest me in Merlin are the minor ones. While I'll read the occasional Merlin/Arthur fic, and I might even write one if I'm seriously bunnied, I find myself increasingly frustrated by its prevalence in so many corners. My stubborn side keeps acting up, because there are a *lot* of interesting ships in the fandom, and yet, that's the one that takes up such a vast majority of space. I want to write for the underdogs here, it turns out.

Tomorrow is Alicia's first playoff game for softball, then various things around the house in getting ready for the inlaws' arrival on Tuesday. I'm going to work on my ag_fics story, too, since that's due by Tuesday as well. I know what I'm doing, and I've 1500 words of it already. I just need to sit and finish it.
Tags: fic, life

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