Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Lists make the world go 'round

I'm in list mode, because I'm exhausted and it's only 6pm:

1. Today was the kids last day of school. Woo hoo! They go back on 8/2, and it seems like most of that two months is already booked with stuff. :P

2. I found out this morning that I was the Last Author Standing for the A/G LAS! See the pretty?

It was really close, and I'm honored to be in such company. I was really pleased with how my last entry turned out, so even if I'd lost, I would've been okay with it because I would've gone out on a story I was still proud of. I'm going to post that story tomorrow, which reminds me I forgot to post the last one, too. Oops.

3. Five days until the inlaws arrive. The clock is ticking.

4. Thank you to everyone for the hotel advice!!! Craig didn't actually get around to looking closely at my shortlist last night, but he will when he gets home later. I'm confident I'll be able to get something booked if not tonight then tomorrow.

5. Baseball and softball are not quite over. Playoff games start this weekend. Alicia's team is seeded first, so there's a strong possibility they'll go all the way to the end. Alex's is either 2nd or 3rd (depending on how tomorrow's game turns out) so who knows what'll happen with him. But it all means that I'm not done with all my driving around yet.

6. Has anyone been watching The Voice? I've been remarkably impressed with it so far. There are a number of people who've made it to the top 16 that I really like (and a couple where I really didn't agree with the judges).

ETA 7. Someone left a comment on my Wesley/Willow fic "Delicate" today that spurred me to go back and re-read certain sections. I thanked her on the post, but I have to thank her again. I always forget how much I absolutely love that story. It makes me want to write for them again so bad.
Tags: fic, life, tv

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