Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Had a very nice day in spite of drinking that whole bottle of white wine on my own last night. We had guests over who arrived last night, friends we don't get to see nearly often enough. A family of 6, the parents and their 4 kids. The dad's birthday was today, as was mine and Craig's 12th wedding anniversary, so we just turned it into one big celebration. Not too shabby. There's little better than spending time with people who mean the world to you. That was our gift to ourselves today.

The kids only have 3 days left of school. A week from tomorrow, Craig's parents and his aunt arrive to stay with us for 6 weeks. The sense of loneliness I've been consumed with recently will hopefully abate with so many people around. On the 17th, we fly to the east coast for the family vacation and my baby sister's wedding, so there's a 10-day break from the inlaws in the middle of that six-week stay. And the kids go back to school only a little over a week after they leave. And the closest friend I have in real life is due to give birth in just under 3 weeks, so I plan on easing some of my recent angst with baby cuddles.
Tags: life

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