Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

American Idol, top 3

I must admit, I'm nto very invested at this point. There's nobody left I'm gaga for. But we'll see how this goes.

Scotty - Jesus, if her mentoring of Scotty is any indication, Beyonce is a waste being there, isn't she? I love this song, but I still can't watch him perform. I hate his mugging. However, my money's on him to win the whole thing at this point.

Lauren - Classic Lauren, but...I'm so uninspired by her any more. I don't know what it is that I'm missing from her at this point. Maybe it's my disinterest in this song. I don't know.

Haley - Um, Led Zeppelin? Huh. Wouldn't have figured that for her. Not a great vocal, though still good, but it showed off more of her personality than a lot of stuff has.

Scotty - Yeah, a song like this will lock him into the finale. I didn't care for it, but I'm not his audience. The people I know who love Scotty loved this. *sigh*

Lauren - I can't say I was wowed again. This is why I think she'll be the country one knocked out for next week. She didn't struggle with the notes, but...there wasn't anything exciting about it.

Haley - I agree with Jimmy about singing Stevie Nicks, but why is this song so slowed down? I just want to kick her in the butt to make her get it up to speed. Haley seems like the only one trying to *perform*, though I think the fans are trying to make up for not much going on vocally there in the middle, lol.

Scotty - I look pathetic if I say how much I love Kenny Rogers, lol? I'm sure it dates me. Unsurprisingly, I was able to listen to this one with a lot more pleasure than his first two. Though honestly, it makes me want to pull out some Kenny Rogers and listen to the originals rather than listen to more of Scotty.

Lauren - I was worried when she started. It all looked too beauty pageant performance. But she nailed those big notes. This was her best performance of the night by far.

Haley - Well, she doesn't have the breath control to handle those long lyric runs, and she ended up losing it a couple times, but outside of that, this was very Haley and I thought a strong way to end the show.

So who do I think will be in the finale? Haley and Scotty. I know people on my flist don't get Scotty, but I gotta tell you, most of my family LOVE him. He's got a huge fanbase, and I think with the country votes getting split between him and Lauren, he'll be the one who comes out ahead. Which is why Haley will likely be the other one. Because all those people who don't like country are going for her. If they vote.

And I think Scotty will end up winning the whole thing. He's not threatening, he's in a genre that has huge voter turnout, and he's male.
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