Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Rain and new shoes

It's been wet and miserable since Friday, but today was the worst. Mid 50s, raining steady, and still, Alicia had her softball game tonight. The poor girl was shivering by the time they were done, so I called home and had Craig start hot chocolate for her.

This cold weather means I have to pull out my heavier shoes again, too. For me, that's a big deal. I love shoes to death, but honestly, nine months out of the year, I'm in sandals. My brown casual sandals are too worn to last another summer of heavy use, so last week, I went to DSW (my Mecca, lol) to look for another pair. What I found were the exact same pair - well, very slightly modified for the new season, but essentially the same. I didn't buy them, though. I know this is stupid, but if I'm buying a new pair of brown sandals, I want them to be new-new, even though I love the old pair and they were uber comfortable.

So...I bought the same style in another color instead, lol.

They are soooooooooooo comfortable. I love this style to death, and the red is adorable. I have to wait to wear them until it warms up again and it dries up, though. Stupid rain.

And I still have to find brown ones...

My icon has absolutely nothing to do with this post. Well, except for he looks dejected like I feel about the rain, and his cape is red like my shoes. But that's the object of my latest obsession. The arms are to die for.
Tags: life
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