Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

A long day

A long day today. Both kids had ball games this morning, at the same time thankfully. I got Alex since Craig and I like to switch up when we can. Craig has come down with a bad cold, and in the middle of the third inning, while he was in center field, Alex had a really bad coughing fit. Bloody nose, tight chest, hard to breathe...he kept claiming he was okay (ha!), but he ended up sitting out the last inning anyway. We'd already had plans to go out for lunch, so we popped home so he could take some of his meds (he only needs to use the inhalers when he's sick now), then headed out to Panera.

Craig reminded me at lunch that I'd suggested seeing Thor today. So that came up next. We opted to just see the 2D version since most reviews said that the 3D didn't really add much. I'd heard mixed things about it, but there were aspects of it I really enjoyed. The bad wig on Chris Hemsworth annoyed me, and I spent half the movie trying to figure out if it really was Jeremy Renner playing the sniper (it was), but the CG was pretty good, and I liked the Norse mythology angle. And I might not have liked Hemsworth's hair, but I do appreciate the muscles. Yum.

I have *got* to see Cowboys and Aliens. There was a trailer for it, and ohmigod. It looks so good.

Voting has started for the latest challenge at the A/G Last Author Standing. There are only three of us left now, and this week, we had to write for the prompt, "Uther dies, Arthur becomes king." If you have a few minutes, please wander over and vote.
Tags: life, pimping

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