Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Well, today I tackled the issue of finding a gynecologist again. After the fiasco of last time, I had decided to put it off until after I got back from RT, then there was long holiday weekends, more excuses this week.

I pretty much lost the whole morning. It's all so stupid. Our physician network is based primarily in cities which are a 30-minute drive away, and for some inexplicable reason, ob/gyns are not based in this area. After talking to both the hospital network AND the insurance company, I have a grand list of *three* doctors I can try calling tomorrow, to confirm they a) take my insurance, and b) are taking new patients. I could have called today, but I wanted to get the opinion from my good friend here in RL (the one who I went out to lunch with next week) about the doctors. She's an obstetrics nurse and knows most of the docs. She's the one I trust. But she worked last night so I couldn't ask her until it was already late in the day, so...I call them tomorrow.

Hopefully one of them will work out. I'm due for check-ups and it would be nice to get some confirmation about these stupid perimenopausal symptoms. I'm taking charge and focusing on the positive, but...still. It would be nice to get some official confirmation.
Tags: life

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