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Put me out of my misery

Did someone get that license plate? Because I do believe I've been run over by the biggest frickin' semi, and then backed over again just for good measure.

Fever's down, and haven't vomited in almost two hours, but my entire torso is sore and aching. Sipping at cold water seems to be OK for now, and Craig is being wonderful and handling all the stuff today I normally do. At least we know now what got him on Saturday is a bug and not food poisoning because I ate absolutely nothing that didn't pass the lips of everyone else in the household.

Thanks to everyone for the good thoughts. Hopefully I'll shake this as quickly as Craig shook his which will put me back to writing tomorrow. It would help if the chapter wasn't so long; I've got 2400 words already and still at least two major scenes to write. It seriously looks as if it will be around 7000 words when it's complete.

OK, going to go sleep again. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone and let you know I'm alive.

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