Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

American Idol, top 5

For some reason, my DVR decided it wasn't going to record AI tonight, a fact I didn't catch until after the show had been on for 15 minutes. I hastily set it to record, but I have no idea what I missed before coming in halfway through Lauren.

Lauren - She sounded good for what I saw, which wasn't much. Can't otherwise comment.

Scotty - I...really loved this. I can't believe I'm saying that. But there was energy, there was fire, there was variations in his voice. Probably the best we've seen him.

Haley - She's really come a long way. I don't think it was nearly as bad as Jennifer and Randy thought, though I agree about the idea of a song choice people aren't familiar with holding people back.

James - I'm disappointed I missed his first performance, but I love this second song choice. The vocal was rough in the lower register, as he struggled with the emotion of it all. But he poured himself into it and it felt so damn genuine, so much more than a lot of what he's done. Absolutely lovely.

Jacob - I am so over Jacob. I hated what he did to this song. Hated it. He can be gone now.

Lauren - I thought that was wonderfully restrained and lovely. Very poignant.

Scotty - Very safe choice but didn't excite me the way the first one did, and wasn't nearly as touching as Lauren and James.

Haley - I still hate her hokey gestures and she has a tendency to growl too much, but this was a fascinating performance. I loved that acapella beginning and she nailed the ending. She absolutely should be in the top 4 with that performance.

I can't honestly say who I think was my favorite, since I didn't see all the performances, but Jacob needs to go. Just...yes.
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