Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

One of those days

I didn't watch AI tonight. It was insane day. First thing, we had to take the Flex to the dealership to get the perma sealant done on the interior and exterior. That took two hours from leaving to getting home, so I didn't even really start my day until 10.

Except I have to leave at 11:45 to go pick up the kids from school. So we got back from there about 12:45, at which point I disappeared upstairs until 2 to try and work.

At which point I remembered I was supposed to print up the model pieces of the medieval village buildings we're doing for the Travel around the world day for Alex's class next week. No problem. I get that sorted, and get Alex sat down to start working on it when...

The dealership calls. My car is done at 3, earlier than we'd thought it would be. We'd already decided not to pick it up until tomorrow morning because Alex had a game tonight, but we think, "3? We can make it back in time.", we can't.

We got home about 4:45 (when Alex is supposed to be there at 4:30). Alex races in to go get changed, at which point I wonder, "Huh. I wonder when our snack turn is for Alex."

Guess what? I looked and lo and behold, we were up for snack tonight. Which we weren't prepared for.

So I dropped Alex at 5, ran to Lucky, got the snacks, and then ran home to get them bagged so I can take them back. The plan is I'll go to Alex's game, then feed Alex afterwards, while Craig takes Alicia to piano at 6:45 and feeds her.

I have nothing to put the snacks in. I'm completely out of freezer ziplocs and paper bags. And I really don't want to go back to the insane store. And I REALLY don't want to hand everything out separately.

So Craig is a doll and takes Alex, leaving me with Alicia. I did get a moment of calm at piano. I took my laptop and worked for that hour. But we got home just before 8, and the last thing I wanted to think about was watching TV, to be honest. So I spent some time getting caught up on what I'd missed for the past six hours. I now have a bath run that is too hot, so I'm waiting for it to cool a little before I get in, and a beer I've been nursing for the last 45 minutes.

I will relax, damn it.

Though I still have a ton of fic to write. :P
Tags: life

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