Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Where did this week go?

I have been pretty much missing from LJ this week. Just too busy:

- I spent Monday and Tuesday cooking and cooking and cooking in an attempt to save as much meat as I possibly could from the freezer.
- I've also been volunteering in Alex's classroom in the mornings for the breakfasts his teacher is hosting for their STAR testing this week and next.
- We went and picked up the Flex yesterday which meant the afternoon at the dealership. It drives like a dream, though. We chose well.
- Because we lost Wednesday afternoon, I took the kids to piano last night so Craig could make up work that he didn't get a chance to do during the day.
- I fell asleep last night about 12:15 and woke up an hour later from a terrible panic attack. It took me an hour to calm down enough to get back to sleep and then I had to get up at six to get ready to go into the kids school for breakfast.
- Which meant I fell asleep when I got got home.
- Alex has been fighting a cold, and today when I picked him up, he was completely out of it. He's currently asleep on the couch, and I'm babying him so he gets well quickly. I hope.
- I've gotten no writing done. This makes me sad. I have so much I want to work on (though granted, a good part of it is fanfic).

And now I really should go clean the kitchen while Alex is asleep and doesn't need me. I really don't want to, but it has to be done.
Tags: life

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