Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Not necessarily a quiet day

So we had an eventful day.

1. We went and bought ourselves a car. The Flex I talked about before. Provided nothing untoward happens during delivery, we should have it Wednesday.

2. Our freezer in the garage died. We know everything in there was frozen yesterday, but when I got back this afternoon from Safeway and put groceries away, everything had thawed. It was still cold, so we're doing everything possible to save what we can. Needless to say, not happy. There was probably a good $500 worth of food in there. I'm cooking what I can, and gave what I knew wouldn't get eaten in time to a friend to cook up for her family this week. Craig lucked out. Now he gets steak salad all week.

3. Pepper and I might have gotten the best review of our careers today. It pretty much blew us away. That particular book was an experiment for us, one that pleased us to no end when we were done, and while the reviews for it have been really good, this one left us dizzy. So unexpected. So good to see when we've been so full of self-doubt for the past year.

4. For the A/G fans on my flist, voting has started for the latest round of A/G LAS. This round is all about the smut. Some hot stuff over there.

And now I'm off to watch some Battlestar Galactica and do some writing while meat cooks in the kitchen.
Tags: life, pimping, writing

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