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Ups and downs

Well, this has been a crazy day.

First of all, the new chapter of Rook is up. You know how I said Spike wasn't going to get any for awhile? Well, I was wrong. Buffy decided to behave herself just long enough for me to slap an NC-17 rating on this particular chapter. But really, this time I mean it. This has to hold Spike for a bit. I think. :)

Secondly, my daughter is driving me around the bend. Half the time she is crying that she misses Daddy, but then when he calls, she refuses to talk to him on the phone. Then, she gets her brother all riled up so that while I'm chatting with Craig on the phone, Alex ends up taking a header off the couch and getting a bloody nose. End of nice chat with hubby, beginning of screams and crying from both of them.

Going to take it easy tonight. I'll watch Fame Academy (OK, sue me, I like it, but I liked Pop Idol, too, speaking of which I think that's starting tonight as well--must remember to check tv listings). Maybe later I'll take a bath. Anything to calm these frazzled nerves...

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