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American Idol, top 8

I had to watch last week over the crappy connection I had at the hotel, and was really pissed about Pia leaving. She didn't have her best performance, but really. Others should have left first.

So on to tonight...

Paul – Ha. This song always makes me think of high school mixers. You know, Paul is never going to win, but I think Jimmy loves him because he’s so unique and clearly knows his music. As for this performance…I love Paul, but man, I did not like this. It only seemed to highlight his limited range rather than show it off. Simon would be all over this, comparing him to Taylor Hicks.

Lauren – I shouldn’t know every word to this song, but I do. I blame Alicia. Jimmy’s right, though. Lauren can sing circles around Miley. And this is actually a good fit for her. Age-appropriate, her genre, her range. And it was a solid performance. Maybe not as gangbusters as Jimmy wanted it to be, but definitely good.

Stefano – Man, another song that means something to me. Maybe that means I watch too many movies, lol. I think my association with this song is too strong to like any but the original. The vocals were some of Stefano’s best, but…the over the top-ness of it just doesn’t fit the song for me.

Scotty – I agree with Jimmy on this one. He shouldn’t have switched. The song doesn’t have the same appeal as Everybody’s Talking, and this just felt kind of flat and boring. I like Scotty, but not this one.

Casey – Though this had a wonderfully cool Casey vibe, this felt like a coffee shop performance, one you’d hear near the end of the night when there’s only a few people at the tables. It didn’t light up the stage, and Jimmy’s comment about it being a whisper was spot on. It might have been pure Casey, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he went home on this. It would be nice if Jennifer was right, but…I don’t know.

Haley – Oh god, that first note was painful. In fact, this whole performance was painful. Using sex appeal to sell the song didn’t help. Hated this.

Jacob – I know I shouldn’t be glad he was in the bottom three last week, but…I am. And I got to listen to him slaughter one of my favorite songs of all time this week. Joy. Okay, that was bitter. But Pia left before this guy! Pia left before Haley! Before Stefano! I think a little bitterness is in order. As for Jacob, at least Jimmy talked him out of the other songs.

James – Everybody’s playing it risky tonight. I can’t say I love this song choice – I think Jimmy’s right about the lack of a hook – but…Zakk Wylde! Zakk Wylde! *cough* Okay, I’ll stop. James didn’t annoy me as much as he usually does, but he’s safe as houses this week. Can I vote for Zakk instead?

1. Lauren
2. James
3. Casey, but only because I had to pick a third

1. Haley
2. Paul
3. Jacob

Who do I think will be in the bottom three tomorrow? Haley, Paul, and Casey. I think Casey's jazz choice will cost him votes, but he'll be safe, and Haley will go home. Well. Maybe. Who knows anything at this point?
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