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Today was the first of two months of Saturdays primarily devoted to supporting Alicia and Alex play ball. We're lucky in that they play at the same school, though on different fields, as friends of ours aren't quite so fortunate. However, when times overlap, or worse, come at opposite ends of the day, it makes for a very long day. Today was just mostly long, lol.

I'm in the throes of preparing for RT, which means a whirlwind of shopping, cleaning, and laundry. I've got two days to get everything done. Ha. It'll be worth it in the end, though, since RT is always more fun than I expect it to be. Plus, working with more than a couple publishers who show up means rarely having to pay for dinner or drinks, lol. Always a bonus when the rest of the con ends up putting me back a fair penny. It's a good thing it's my one big write-off for the year.

Somehow, I managed to get a little sunburned today. I'm hoping it fades before Wednesday since I'd rather not have weird red splotches exposed when I dress up for any of the dinners/parties.

Voting for the next challenge of the A/G LAS started tonight. I still have a pony in this race surprisingly enough. The prompt this time around was for a canon-era set fic of 1-2k based on an art prompt. It's fascinating what kind of different ideas came up for this one. I barely got mine in on time. It was a hard one!

Tomorrow is grocery shopping, gardening, and my manicure in preparation for the week. I tried getting it scheduled for Monday, since I leave early Tuesday morning, but that wasn't happening. So I'm going as late as possible tomorrow and being paranoid I don't wreck it before the con.

Now this pooped puppy is going to go put laundry away (that I managed to get done in between other stuff today) and then maybe read before crashing early. Perhaps I'll have lovely dreams about Arthur again tonight. I don't know how I managed it last night, but a repeat performance would not be unappreciated. :D
Tags: life, pimping, writing

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