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American Idol, top 11...again

Scotty – I have never heard this song before. Leave it to Scotty to find it. And…I can understand why. It’s really kind of one-note and not very interesting, and that last note was just kind of odd. He’ll be safe, though. He’s got too definitive of a fanbase to leave this early.

Naima – Two things. She can’t hit the high notes. Those were rough. Second, doing it reggae style is one thing, but affecting the accent? Felt kind of offensive.

Paul – From the first slowed down notes, I was in love. This is soulful Paul I love, the one I fell in love with in Las Vegas when he sang Blackbird. Alicia and I were talking tonight about who we wanted to win, and I told her there’s no way Paul will, but you know, I am buying this guy’s albums from this point on no matter what.

Pia – She can hit the notes, no question there. But while it felt technically solid, it lacked the rawness I think this song requires. Maybe too perfect for me.

Stefano – I’m sorry, I can’t hear this song without hearing the wrong lyrics with Tony Danza in them, lol. Did he do well? Somebody tell me. I’m still laughing here.

Lauren – I was really surprised to hear her voice sound so high when she started, and worried about her sustaining that for the duration of the song. But she really pulled this off. A nice switch-up for her. I felt her more than Pia tonight and that doesn’t happen very often.

James – Starting in the audience and talking back to Jimmy are more symptoms of James’s arrogance. Especially since I don’t think of this as a singing son but as an arena song like he said. He’s definitely a performer, but he’s really starting to turn me off with the attitude.

Thia – A very measured, mature performance. A little on the boring side, though.

Casey – This is the week Casey reminds America that he can actually sing. He’s not hiding behind the image he’s used to protect himself, or the antics to show off that yes he really is musically inclined and can make up for not looking like an American Idol in other ways. This is Casey stripped down, and it was wonderful.

Jacob – I think Jimmy’s observation about Jacob’s overdramatizing is one of the biggest reasons I don’t care for him. Watching him is hard. He looked like he was going to burst out crying during the whole chorus, with his face all screwed up and his mouth twisted to the side. I’ll give him props for breath control, but that’s about it for me.

Haley – She wanted this song to be rocking? She shouldn’t have turned it into a lounge act, then. I’m so done with this girl.

1. Casey
2. Lauren
3. Paul

1. Naima
2. Haley
3. Jacob

Who do I think will be in the bottom three? Naima, Haley, and...either Thia or Stefano. I think Naima is definitely going home. I don't know about the other one. It's hard to say whether it will be Stefano or Haley, since I didn't really listen to Stefano without laughing and the judges couldn't stop gushing (really?!?) over Haley.
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