Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

The hubby's day

Today was Craig's birthday. My hubby turned 39. His choice of how to celebrate was to go into San Francisco as a family to see the Teatro Zinzanni. He and I have seen it twice before, but just us, and we figured Alex was old enough now to sit through it. The matinee is a shortened version, just 2.5 hours instead of 4, and the kids loved it. Alex wore his suit since Craig was getting dressed up, and ended up getting a ton of attention for it. One of the waiters, this adorable blond, was clearing something from our table, turned to go away, then stopped and said to Alex, "You have the best posture of anyone your age I've ever seen. Don't ever lose that." It made me laugh a little, mostly because it's true. Sometimes, I don't realize what an amazing little guy I have until I see him through others' eyes.

We've been taking it easy since we got home late afternoon. I went to go do some writing on my big bang, but this opening just feels so boring. I keep wondering if I have to change it, but then I tell myself I'm setting all this stuff up, and if I don't do it this way, I have to restructure the whole story, and...yeah, I'd really rather not do that. I'm probably just tired, though I keep thinking I wouldn't have any problem working on something else.

Kids go back to school tomorrow. Woo hoo! I get my routine back. Well, for a week anyway. Then I'm off to LA for a week for RT. Ah, my exciting life, lol.
Tags: craig, life

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