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American Idol, top 11

I love Steven’s description of Motown as “the rhythm of a kiss.”

Casey – He got some great advice from the producers about controlling it to keep from letting the growls and shouts take over. It looks like he’s taken some of that under advisement, too. It’s a much more controlled performance than we’ve seen from him in a while. On a purely superficial note, I don’t like his styling tonight.

Thia – I can’t say I was excited when I heard this song selection. And I wasn’t that excited about her performance, either. It was more energetic, yes, and she has a mature enough voice for it, but she swallowed the lower notes, and the whole last third was just a lot of “oooo”’s. Purely superficial note, I want that necklace. WANT.

Jacob – I much prefer the controlled Jacob of the beginning than the one he unleashed at the chorus. If he’d kept that up, I might have enjoyed it. But I didn’t. I am sincerely baffled at all the love. I wish I got it. Because everybody just adores him there, and I want to know that feeling. Purely superficial note, unbutton your jacket, Jacob, and you wouldn’t have to keep tugging at it because you just can’t stay still in a performance.

Lauren – A solid performance for Lauren, that’s for sure. She seemed very confident up there, and I especially loved the attitude of the beginning and end, even if the middle felt a little same-same. Purely superficial note, fantastic look for her but if she really wanted to walk around so much, maybe she should’ve shortened the dress a tad.

Stefano – I’m showing my age, but I love this song so much. And…I just don’t know what he’s doing to it. His phrasing is so weird. Plus, after all their advice, his eyes were closed for most of it again. Purely superficial note, he looks like such a lounge singer tonight. Maybe that’s his future.

Haley – One of the better vocals we’ve heard from her, though the song didn’t really feel like it gave her many levels to work with until that last run. Purely superficial note, I wonder if the heels and shorts helped her keep her performance subdued because she couldn’t move around as much. (And I am loving all of Steven’s little lines tonight. “You don’t look a day older than fabulous.”)

Scotty – This should be an interesting combination. And I’m not sure if that’s a good interesting or a bad interesting. Color me a little shocked at how country he made this sound. And that I liked it. A lot. Now, I didn’t like the performance aspect of it. Some of those hand gestures were just a tad too much. Purely superficial note, I really wish I could stop seeing Alfred E. Newman when he sings.

Pia – This. Was. Beautiful. It was classy, it was controlled, it was heartfelt. I was a little worried when she said she was doing another ballad, but…I got goosebumps. My favorite so far by a longshot. Purely superficial note, she is STUNNING tonight. Did you see the back of that dress? Gorgeous. And that sexy slit? Guh.

Paul – What an ironic song choice for him, and I thought it funny that he characterized Motown as music you just have to move to, and then he saddles himself with the guitar, lol. But this song just shows me all over again how much I love him, and it casts that beautiful smile into a whole new tragic light that I just know is going to color how I see him from now on. In a good way. Purely superficial note, I never realized just how long Paul’s hands are. Did you see them? Now I’m having naughty thoughts.

Naima – I had fears again when she said she was dancing. She couldn’t hold the vocals the last time she did this. But her pitch was much more solid this time, quite likely the most consistent vocal she’s ever done. And you know what? She just nailed this. I really, really, really hope she makes it through. Because this was her best performance by far. Purely superficial note, I love her style.

James – Control, control, control. That was polished and seasoned, and…I loved it until he keeps playing with the audience after the song was over. I just feel like he hasn’t quite earned it yet. Purely superficial note, I hate the tail. Hate it.

1. Pia
2. Paul
3. Naima

1. Stefano
2. Jacob
3. Thia

Who do I think will be bottom 3? Thia, Haley, and Stefano. And I think it'll either be Thia or Haley going home, though my money is on Thia.
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