Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

American Idol, top 12 results

1. Reading a recap of last night's performances, I found a little tidbit about Steven Tyler. Now, I know he's not a young guy. I know that. But I really didn't need to be reminded that the guy was born in *1948*. That makes him *63*. Though still...a very hot 63, lol.

2. Group, I think I preferred Jacob when his mic wasn't on, lol.

3. Jacob, Casey, and Lauren? I would've picked Jacob as bottom three if he hadn't been sent back to the couch. I really hope this is one of the groups that all of them are safe.

4. ...and yes, I can breathe about two of my faves.

5. Haley and Paul? I fear he's going to send both of them over since he didn't send anybody from the first group. Oh, thank god I'm wrong. That means the other two will be Karen and Naima.

6. I hate how Ryan refers to Lee as the "reigning" American Idol. Like this is some kind of pageant. Because if that was the case, Crystal should've...right, I'm letting it go. I'm just so bored by Lee's performance. Fast-forwarding.

7. Scotty, Pia, and James...I'm going to say this is another safe trio. Ha. Ryan, you're getting predictable!

8. Man, this whole show is predictable. Why am I watching again? Because I'm a glutton for punishment.

9. I can't even delete this when I'm done. Alicia wants to watch BEP. *sigh*

10. At least Naima gets another chance.

11. Huh, Karen. I'm actually a little surprised it ended up being her. I won't miss her, though. You know Jennifer was the one who wanted to save her, though.
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