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American Idol, top 12

1. I have to admit, I like that they’re donating for the relief effort. I might actually buy some of the downloads now.

2. Okay, this is just ridiculously shallow, but Steven looks hot tonight. It’s looks like this that make me realize, “Oh, hell yeah, I’d totally do him.”

3. Oh, God, every time they sing songs from the year they were born, I always feel so old…

And now on to the top 12…

Naima – She doesn’t have the strongest voice of the competition, but she has such character and charisma. She also brings a sultry sexiness to everything she does, including this number.

Paul – Oh, poor Paul’s voice. It really showed when he tried to reach on the chorus. He did much better when it was quieter and he could protect his throat. It certainly didn’t stop him from performing his heart out, though.

Thia – The cynic in me would say this girl is just uber savvy picking this song, except they picked it before all the crap handed in Japan. So here’s my confession. She made me cry. I was in tears before she hit the chorus. It was just so heartfelt and mature and controlled.

James – Not my favorite Bon Jovi song at all. It just didn’t seem to have the same sort of levels he could’ve found in other songs. Kind of boring, if I’m being honest, and those last couple notes were awful. HOWEVER. The boy knows how to work a stage. He’s so comfortable up there. He reminds me more and more of Adam with each performance.

Haley – Man, she sounds so nasally tonight. I could really do without all the broad arm sweep things too. Those just look so fake. She did miles better with the super fast section and the growling. She smeared her lipstick all over the place, too. But I just don’t think she’s figured out who she is, though.

Stefano – I hate noticing the way he screws up his face as he sings because it distracts me from the vocal. His voice so rarely stands out for me that it’s easy to do. This was one of his better vocals, though. I’m not sure I agree with the interpretation, since I associate a certain sadness with this song and that didn’t come across.

Pia – On a purely superficial note, I hate that jumpsuits are back. A strong vocal, but I’m coming to expect that from her. Her lower register wasn’t as strong as the rest of it, though, and the actual performance seemed a little static. She should’ve moved more.

Scotty – I love listening to his voice. This is the kind of male country voice that I could listen to for hours. There were a couple wobbly notes in the middle, but one of my favorites so far of the night.

Karen – I didn’t like the verse, full stop. I kept thinking, “Why the hell is she on this show?” But the chorus got better. And why did she slip the Spanish in when she made a point of saying she didn’t want to be known as the Spanish singer?

Casey – Okay, I love Casey’s parents. Casey makes so much sense seeing his parents, lol. I take back everything I said about everybody else. I got goosebumps as soon as Casey opened his mouth. Few people would have the balls to take on Nirvana, or this song, and he just nailed it.

Lauren – Lauren’s parents look as young as her. Holy hell. I love this song choice for her, and man, for having the flu, she really delivered. She pulled back on some of the bigger notes but it didn’t harm the performance in the slightest. So much better than last week.

Jacob – Maybe one of these days, I’ll be able to change my comments about Jacob. Today is not that day. I just…don’t get it. Tonight especially he looked like he was going to burst into tears during the whole thing, and I…just don’t get it.

1. Casey
2. Thia
3. Scotty

1. Jacob
2. Haley
3. Karen

Who do I think will be in bottom three? Haley, Karen, and...I don't know. Naima, probably. I hope it's not Paul, but if he showed up there, it wouldn't surprise me.
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