Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

What an absolutely awful couple of days for Japan. We've been caught up in keeping up with everything that's going on, trying to figure out how we can best help. Though we had the tsunami warnings here in the Bay Area on Friday morning, we were fortunate enough to only get a few waves. Still, it's been sobering.

I've got a variety of things to update on, so I'm going in list form.

1. ag_fics has started voting on their first Short Challenge of 2011. There are 8 fics, all under 3500 words, so if you're interested in some A/G, head on over and take a gander. I've written one for this challenge, and really wish I could've written two but rules said only one entry per person. Oh well.

2. My kids are on spring break for the next two weeks. Ball practices/games, however, are not. It's going to be an interesting period, though at least at the end of it, I'm away for a week on my own.

3. Craig and I started watching Battlestar Galactica, since we were so intrigued after Caprica. We'd tried watching before, but we came in in the middle and just didn't get what all the hype was about. I'm still not 100% sure, but we're nearly done with S1 and I don't hate it so I figure that's a sign, lol.

4. We had to do a Bed, Bath & Beyond run tonight when our coffee machine broke. That store is like crack to us. We went in, intending to get one thing, and walk out $220 poorer. And that was us holding back. And with a coupon. Oy.

5. I have fic I'm going to post tomorrow. My last entry at the A/G LAS got 1st place, woo hoo! The best part about getting first is the immunity on the next challenge, lol. It means I have a week to breathe easier.

And now I'm off to finish smut that's due tomorrow. I've already written 3k today, but I foresee a lot more in the next few hours. *sigh*
Tags: arthur/gwen, life, pimping, tv

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