Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

American Idol, first one to go

1. Yes, the only reason I'll end up not fast forwarding to the end is to watch Adam perform.

2. They still have the save. For some reason that surprises me.

3. Casey's in the hospital? Damn. What happened?

4. God, the Ford logo is on the pool table? Oy.

5. In all the revamping, they couldn't have fixed the group number? Well, there is no way this is recorded, not with how awful some of them sound.

6. Ryan can't phrase it like that because he gets the wrong response first. But Karen being in the bottom three, that's okay.

7. Adam sounded good, but I can't say I'm impressed with the song. It's definitely not something I'll remember.

8. They're both in the bottom three? Yeah, I'm perfectly good with these bottom three. Any one of them could go home and I wouldn't be upset, though I really, really, really hope it's Ashthon.

9. I did really love "Coming Home" though. I might need to get that one.

10. Woo hoo! America got this one right. There is no way they'll waste their save on the first elimination. Her performance was just as bad as it was last night, too.
Tags: american idol

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