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American Idol, choosing the top 13

1. Jennifer's outfit does not flatter her at all. I know she's hippy, but damn, this was too much.

2. Woo hoo! Paul is wearing his coat! My daughter is mocking me.

3. I wondered how they were going to stretch this to two hours. As I sit here and watch the review of Tuesday night, I now know why.

4. Oh, though the reel of the boys just talking was oddly adorable. Though they should have shown this when it might have actually impacted voting. Casey came across as so adorable, for instance.

5. Scotty in the top 10? Not surprising at all. Disappointed a little about Robbie, but he really didn't sing well the other night.

6. Oh god. I don't want Clint, Jordan, or Johnny in the top 10 at all. I hope they all get sent back to stools. Blech. Clint's crying makes me ill.

7. Woo hoo! Thank you Ryan for sending them all back. That just made my night, lol.

8. Blech. Do I have to listen to them say how much everybody loves each other? Blech, blech, blech.

9. The girls' reel wasn't nearly as entertaining as the boys'.

10. No! No, no, no! They can't call Pia and Lauren A. at the same time. This better be a ploy and they're both safe. Otherwise, I will be very upset. These are the best two girls in the competition.

11. HUGE sigh of relief. Thank god. Some people have brains.

12. Ha. WHen he called Ta-Tynisa and Julie down, Alicia walked out of the room because she doesn't care about either of them. I don't either. I'm glad they both sat down.

13. Side note. Nobody but Steven Tyler could get away with the flouncy fuschia shirt.

14. Of those three, I can't say I'm surprised about Karen making the top 10 even though she wasn't one of my favorites.

15. Ryan has started realizing he needs to start speeding things up. Not everybody is getting individual comments anymore. Too bad they didn't eliminate that altogether.

16. Casey and Jacob don't surprise me. I am in such a minority when it comes to Jacob. I wish I could feel what everybody else does.

17. Randy looks stunned that Naima didn't make the top 10. I'm so disappointed. Thia's not a surprise.

18. Having to wait for him to say if it was Paul or Brett just about killed me. Though now I can breathe again. My votes for Paul did not go to waste.

19. Haley or Rachel in the top 10? This surprises me. I didn't think either one of them could ever manage the top 5, though I didn't discount a wild card spot.

20. Between James and Stefano, I'm holding out for James. Putting roommates up against each other is just mean.

21. Six people to sing, three boys and three girls. I wish the first one wasn't Ashthon, though. Her attitude is really getting on my nerves. The girl needs to learn where the camera is, too. How many times was she hidden by her hair or lost in profile and we couldn't even see her face?

22. Stefano. Interesting choice. And this was such a better performance than Tuesday night. I wouldn't mind him getting a wild spot based on that. Not at all.

23. Kendra. Really? That third one better be Naima. Because I am not enjoying this rendition. She's too low for that whole beginning. It got better for the chorus, but she just doesn't wow me. Not even holding that note at the end.

24. Jovany? Seriously? What is it with these wild card choices? I'm sorry, I still see him as a wedding singer.

25. Finally! Someone who deserves it. I feel bad for Rachel and Lauren, but not everybody can be in the finalists. Now rock it, Naima. The other two just don't compare to her for me. She's got this sultry magic about her that I just love.

26. Another one that relieves me. Robbie's adorable. And there's nobody else like him in the finalists so far. And this is the Robbie I love. Why is everybody singing a song today that they should have done the other night?!?

27. Okay, if I get to pick three to join these 10, I pick Stefano, Naima, and Robbie. To me, there's no contest.

28. I hope America gets rid of Ashthon fast. Stefano, on the other hand, I feel much better about. As I do Naima.

So the final 13:

1. Scotty
2. Paul
3. Casey
4. Jacob
5. Stefano
6. James
7. Pia
8. Lauren
9. Haley
10. Naima
11. Ashthon
12. Thia
13. Karen

I can't order these yet. I have a number of people I really like a lot (Paul, Pia, Lauren, Casey, James, Scotty). I will say that I hope Ashthon goes home early. First would be ideal.
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