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American Idol, top 12 guys

It's that time again. I've had fun watching the show again this year, but this is the real test, to see if the singers are worth it. Though watching Steven Tyler makes it all worth it, all on his own.

Observations first.

- The big stage. Huh. For some reason I wasn't expecting that. I remember hearing about it before, but it slipped my mind. I do think this is better to see how people will perform in front of a real audience

- Woo hoo! Only one week of semi-finals! I love that voting picks 10 and the judges pick 2. Though they've had some weird favorites so far. Maybe that isn't such a good thing after all.

- I. Love. Steven Tyler. That is all.

- Now, onto the boys...

1. Clint Jun Gamboa - You know, when you only have one chance to get into the top 12, I'm not sure why you'd pick a song like this. There's not a ton of range, and there are sections in the middle where all he did was prance about the stage. Then again, maybe I'm biased because I just don't like this guy.

2. Jovany Barreto - I like this better as a song selection than the first one, but Jovany doesn't really have the power to pull this off. Like scooping into the high note before the key change toward the end. With the suit especially, it felt like a wedding singer performance. A nice one, but still, not Idol-worthy.

3. Jordan Dorsey - Okay, I don't like this guy. I find him really full of himself. But the camera loves him. Vocally? Um...I had serious problems with half of it, especially when he went high. He couldn't sustain it. And there at the end, I've decided maybe the camera doesn't love him quite so much when he starts sweating so much.

4. Tim Halperin - I looked this song up while Tim was singing, because I realized I didn't recognize it. I found the whole thing very...underwhelming, which makes me sad because I loved his Beatles performance last week.

5. Bret Loewenstern - I was so surprised when he made the top 12. When they had those last three, I figured he was the one guaranteed not to make it. I realize he brings something different to the group, but his 16 y/o emo/let's all be special vibe just makes me a little tired. Clearly my age is showing, lol. At least he did something different with this performance, and compared to the ones who came before him, it was a lot more entertaining.

6. James Durbin - Not a song I'm fond of, but it suited James to a T. He commanded the stage like nobody else before him, and still managed to keep his vocals solid. He really needs a band behind him. Really. Others to rock out with him.

7. Robbie Rosen - You know, I sat through the whole first verse thinking, "I know these lyrics, so why don't I recognize this song?" The answer is because he practically rewrote the whole thing. I love Robbie, and I think this was a sweet, soulful performance, but I can't say that I loved the arrangement (mostly because I love the original).

8. Scotty McCreery - Country music is not my first choice of genre, but there are the occasional artists that really appeal to me. I love Scotty's voice, and could listen to him for hours. I think he's a shoo-in for the top 12.

9. Stefano Langone - I think this guy is sweet, but honestly, I always forget what he sounds like after he sings. I just don't think there's anything really distinctive about him.

10. Paul McDonald - I LOVE this guy. I hate Maggie May as a song (but then I am not a Rod Stewart fan at all), but I love the tone of Paul's voice, I love the playful gleam in his eye as he's singing, I love that he's having so much fun when he's onstage. My favorite of the guys so far. Plus, ohmigod so pretty.

11. Jacob Lusk - I have to admit, when he started singing, my head fell. I'm probably one of the few people who loathe this song, and somebody every season always sings it. I also don't understand why the judges wet themselves over this guy. I just don't get it. His over-the-type physical style grates, and I don't understand why they say his voice is so clear. He always sounds like he's singing through cotton to me.

12. Casey Abrams - Casey's unique. He really brings something joyful and fun to the competition, and I sincerely hope he sticks around for a while.

1. Paul McDonald
2. James Durbin
3. Casey Abrams
4. Scotty McCreery
5. Robbie Rosen
6. Tim Halperin
7. Bret Loewenstern
8. Jovany Barreto
9. Stefano Langone
10. Jacob Lusk
11. Jordan Dorsey
12. Clint Jun Gamboa

I don't for a second think my top 6 will be the 6 who make it, though. I think Tim blew his chance, and I fear Paul hasn't had enough exposure. But we'll see.
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