Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Alicia's birthday was today. My girl is eleven. It's so hard to believe, and yet, looking at her, kind of easy. She's way too mature for her age. She's 5'0" already and will probably be taller than me by the time she starts middle school next fall. She's not interested in the typical stuff some of the other girls are her age, though thankfully one of her best friends is exactly like her and they can be booklovers/musicians/athletes together for a while longer. She volunteers for everything - library duty twice a week, a school ambassador, working with the first graders. At her school, they get cubby paws as part of an award system (the school mascot is a tiger cub). The last two she's gotten have both been for caring (above and beyond what's expected).

And yet, I still remember walking into the living room and finding her asleep in her activity center. Or how she sucked her thumb until she was 4 and little Nanny told her that her thumb would shrink if she kept on sucking it.

I tried taking her picture tonight, but she was having nothing of it. In some ways, she's already a teenager, which is a little scary.

But she'll always be my little girl.
Tags: life

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