Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I have been bogged down with edits again (though this time, I actually enjoy the book I'm working on), and busy with real life stuff, so though I've been lurking on LJ, I've been bad about posting. Mostly...because if I post, it'll just be to whine and I'm tired of doing that. There's so many things I'd like to be doing that I'm not. Like writing fic. The best I can manage at this point are the 3-sentence ficlets at the mini challenges over at ag_fics. I've sneaked a few of those in, in between real life stuff. Oh, and I did get an entry in for the latest round of the Arthur/Gwen Last Author Standing, but after reading the other entries, I've been thinking I *really* should've exercised one of my skips.

Speaking of, there's one more day to vote over there.

Oh. Guess what? I called to get an appointment to expedite my passport for traveling to the UK on the 19th. Know when the first available appointment was?

The 17th.

If it doesn't happen that day, I'm screwed.
Tags: life

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