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A day in the life

Why is it that my day inevitably starts out with 40+ items on my to do list, and though averaging crossing off between 20 and 30 a day, I still end up with almost 40 items still there at the end of the day? *grin* I think they reproduce like plot bunnies.

Speaking of which, another came up and bit me in the ass. This makes 7, although this new one---if it happens, I haven't made up my mind yet---would break my mold by a) most likely being less than 15 chapters, and b) being tragic ending/sad fic.

Rook will be up on Friday, and then I'll start posting my next fic next week some time. My time this weekend may end up being short for writing as I received another 15 nominated stories overnight for LLGA and with another day left before nominations end, I have a feeling I'm going to be reading instead. I counted. When all is said and done, it looks like over 200 fics will have been nominated. Not too shabby. :)

There's another cold bug running around that the kids have managed to catch. Nothing too serious---just coughs and runny noses---but it makes nights a nightmare. Alicia sleeps horribly when she's ill, and I was up until 1am comforting her and such. That, combined with Alex waking at 6, means Sigrid's a little sleepy today.

Currently downloading Angel---I hate not knowing what has happened when everyone in the US has seen it. However, at its current rate, it won't be done until tonight or tomorrow morning. Plus, it slows down my connection considerably so it's probably a good thing I have a lot of stuff to get done. The temptation to cheat and surf is drastically reduced when I have to stand and wait two minutes for a single page to come down. Patience is not my best virtue. :)

Sometimes, I wonder if I'll ever read normal fiction again. I'm a compulsive book buyer, and have stacks and stacks of books waiting to be read, and yet what are the two books that are my current reading? The Victorians by A.N. Wilson (which is me researching anecdotal history of the era in preparation for the William fic, so that I can get a better feel for it), and a text refreshing my memory on screenplay format and structure (so that I rip out the script that's been percolating inside my skull for the last two months; thank god scripts only take me a few weeks to get out). I got the new Jonathan Kellerman for Xmas but it just got placed on top of the stack of to-be-read (along with the previous Kellerman, I've only just realized). The last HP? Still haven't read it. The Life of Pi, which everyone has been demanding is a must-read? Nope. That's on the stack too. I need to fly to the US again, because it seems waiting in airports and being on planes is the only time I get any leisure reading done these days.

And, in light of my post yesterday, the thought for the day:

Happily, we can never go back and redo yesterday; we can only learn from it and do a better tomorrow.

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