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AI starts tonight

I posted this over today over at our Jamie Craig blog, but since I always talk about AI here, too, I'm copying and pasting it.

* * *

Pepper will kill me when she realizes what I'm posting about today, because she is absolutely not a fan of American Idol. Am I a fan? That might be strong terminology. But I have watched it regularly since season 2, as well as watching both seasons of Pop Idol in the UK prior since I was living there at the time they aired (and is why I didn't see season 1 of the American version since they didn't start airing it in the UK until S2).

But it's starting up tonight, and though I have no idea how it's going to work with all the restructuring and new judges (or if it'll even last another season), I thought I'd post about some of the guys who have been my favorites over the years. Honestly, my favorite has only ever won once. I even stopped watching in season 5 after my favorite was voted off (he has one of the three videos below), because I thought everybody else was such a joke.

I'm sure Pepper would argue that they're all jokes, lol. And my sister will be pissed if she sees this because she loved most of the ones I hated. But it's all about everybody's own tastes, isn't it? Just like books and romantic heroes. We have the types we love.

I'm not sure what these three guys actually have in common to say anything about my preferences except that all three performances give me goosebumps.

So without further ado...

Though this was the first season I watched here in the US, we traveled back to the UK that spring to visit family at the same time the last two episodes aired. I missed seeing this performance of Bo's from the final three, but I had gone online and got an audio recording of his songs so I could hear what he did. This is the one I still have six years later. Even without the haunting visual, his vocals are superb, proving to all the naysayers that he was more than the "rocker." Listen to that note he holds at the end. The boy could sing. Plus, it probably didn't hurt that he was the epitome of my college crushes - long hair, bad boy look with a good boy soul. I will completely admit I've bought every single one of his albums since.

When Chris Daughtry was voted off, I stopped watching. I was furious. Nobody else could hold a candle to him, and I was done with the show. This performance, while not perfect (he really has trouble with that beginning), is another I've kept. It's so damn sexy and makes me wish I could see him live.

Adam Lambert's Mad World performance. I can't embed this performance since I can't find one on YouTube that will let me, but Adam was my favorite all season, all the way back to semis. Even when he had misses, because he's such a performer. I've got a real soft spot for glam rock, and Adam played into that full force.
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