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Today was actually kind of cool. A week or so ago, an old friend of college found me on Facebook and so I friended him back. Turns out, he had a large number of our old theater crowd on his friends list, including a girl I adored, who is probably one of my favorite memories from that period. We did a lot together, shared a lot. She played my big sister in my very first college production and we really got close at one point.

So I sent her a friend request. I don't really reach out to people from my past. That's not why I'm on Facebook. (I'm basically only on there because I got sick and tired of never knowing what was going on with my family, lol.) Anyway, she accepted, and today, we spent two hours chatting and getting caught up and it was really some kind of wonderful. Especially after I had to go for dinner and I came back to find friend requests from two other people I treasure from that time period, who'd seen her post about how great it was to reconnect with me. One was a guy who had more faith in me than I ever did. When he had to do his student production for his degree, he did Jean Anouilh's "Antigone" and then cast me as Antigone. Even though I was, and much have always been, a character actress. I pretty much worshiped him after that.

But yeah. All of it pretty much made my day. :)
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