Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Welcome, 2011!

A new year, a fresh start. Who doesn't like fresh starts? Especially when 2010 sucked in so many ways.

I hope everybody had a happy and safe holiday. We had guests come over and spend the night, and they've only just left. A ton of food is left over, though I still got up to cook french toast for everybody this morning. I don't do it when it's just the four of us, mostly because Craig is out the door so early during the week, so it's nice to indulge when we have guests.

I have to buckle down and get some writing done, but I'm soooooooo tired and my hip is killing me today after being on my feet all day yesterday. I'm curled up in bed, debating if I should take a nap. Sleep is currently winning.

Round 1/Challenge 2 of camelot_fics just opened up for voting, so if you're inclined to read some short Merlin ficlets based on the theme "forever and a day," head over and vote. I joined another ficlet challenge that robinmarian started, a last author standing for Arthur/Gwen works. It's mostly an excuse to write more A/G ficlets and have lots to read, lol. First challenge is due next Saturday, so when voting starts for that, I'll be sure to pimp it here, too.
Tags: fic, life, pimping

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