Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Crazy insane weekend. Too much stuff to do in preparation for the inlaws arriving tomorrow night from the UK. I've got a galley I've been working on, and Pepper and I are trying to finish the last Jamie Craig zodiac book, and...I mentioned I had a lot of stuff to do, right, lol?

Today was baking cookies for Alex to take to school on Tuesday. My little boy is turning 9. It's so hard to believe. I have one more kind to make - a kisses cocoa cookie - but today's sugar cookie santas and peanut butter/chocolate cereal bars are all done. He doesn't have parties anymore. With his birthday so close to the holidays, nobody ever could come anyway. So he gets to invite a couple friends to the restaurant of his choice, and gets a portion of the money I'd spend on a party as a gift instead. It works for all of us, lol.

Let's see, what appointment with the orthopedist is Tuesday morning. I'm eager to get to it. And the lifestyle changes are in full swing. I cooked up a ton of brown rice to freeze in single-size portions, as well as mongolian beef and orange chicken (both WW recipes). Craig's in full support. Last night, he actually got the measuring cups out to dish dinner. Little by little...

There's fic I want to write. Sooooooooooo bad. Until I finish this galley, though, it has to wait. Sometimes, I hate being so responsible.
Tags: alex, life

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