Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

It's been an eventful couple of days.

Yesterday, we woke up to torrential rain. I left a little earlier than usual to run the kids to school to account for the weather. Halfway there, my wipers stopped working. Then my lights started fading. I was able to pull into the school's parking lot, but the car wouldn't start again. *sigh* So, I called AAA, and I had to get out to wait for him because he would never see me otherwise. Bad thing about that? I was never expecting to get out of the car, so I was dressed in sweats and flip flops. I got SOAKED. I had to stay out in the rain even longer as I talked him through and he tested stuff. When we decided it wasn't starting, I got into his truck to wait as he hooked it up to tow. Then, when we got to the shop, I wiped out on the sidewalk in front, completely soaking my right side. I'd called a friend to come pick me up, and when I saw her waiting? I raced out, forgot I'd wiped out on the way in, and...wiped out again. On my left side.

I was miserable. The bad news was the alternator was gone, which killed the battery. Those got replaced. And I didn't get back until this morning.

However, that meant I could get my doctor's appointment okay. My xrays showed something called chondromalacia, which is softening and thinning of the cartilage in my hip. Apparently, it more typically happens with runners and cyclists in their knees. I got a referral to an orthopedist and will have an MRI to confirm the diagnosis. What happens from there, however, I have no idea. But at least it's a step. And the aggressive weight loss plan is in effect. That will help tremendously, regardless.
Tags: life

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