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Each episode this season has just added more and more texture to what was already a fascinating show. I have to admit, last season was interesting but it never seemed to have a real cohesion. Like they were feeling their way around in what they wanted to do until they finally found that direction.

But this season...I've loved watching both universes play out. I'm a sucker for this kind of thing; it's one reason why I love alternate history books, too. But it's given the actors some really meaty stuff to handle. The Olivias have been phenomenal, but tonight it was all about Broyles for me. I've always found him a little too stiff for my tastes, but not tonight. The alternate Broyles really got to me last week with the episode about his son, and I knew he'd be the key for our Olivia to escape, but he still shone.

Though the other Olivia taking the wrong computer was an annoyingly dumb thing in the script. I cannot believe she would just blindly accept what Peter said, no matter what kind of softer feelings she was developing for him. She's too smart for that.
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