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Thanksgiving and the aftermath

So the holiday has come and gone, and I've been lax about posting in the interim. We had guests for the past three days, so getting online wasn't as easy as it usually is. Thanksgiving turned out wonderful, everybody had a blast, and we were sorry to see them go. Probably one of the best Thanksgivings I've ever had, if I'm being honest.

I usually use the weekend after Thanksgiving to get the house Christmas-ified, but the weather is cold and damp, and Craig and I are both tired. When we went downstairs this morning to discover Alicia had just started Pirates of the Caribbean, we ended up calling it a lazy day and watching the first two movies with her. Actually, they're downstairs watching the third movie as I type this, but since my download of Merlin finished at the end of two, I decided to escape to my bedroom to watch it. Well worth it, though now I'm chomping at the bit for the series finale.

Another reason for taking it easy is my hip. I've had problems with my hip for the past...six years or so, though it started out as just a reaction to being on my feet for too long at a time (like when I was working cons). My leg started crumpling under me for no reason, though it always cleared up after a day or two of taking it easy. Well, 18 months ago, I decided enough was enough and finally got into the doctor to talk about it. Of course, that happened during a time when it was fine. He suggested maybe it was arthritis, take Tylenol for it, and sent me for an xray which showed absolutely nothing. He then told me I just needed to lose weight - like I didn't know that already.

Over the past year, it's gotten worse. It doesn't give out on me anymore, but that's because I've learned tricks to avoid it. But the discomfort is constant, and I'm limping more than I ever did. I'm nearly 100% convinced it's arthritis of some sort. My grandmother had it by the time she was 50, and though I'm a ways away from that milestone, I've not been kind to my joints. A lifetime of being double-jointed and twisting my body into lots and lots of different positions has taken its toll, I'm sure. I've stopped doing a lot of what I used to do automatically, though it hasn't been easy. Sitting straight is a nightmare, but it's the only way I can guarantee not twisting my hip and aggravating it. It really sucks, because I find myself not doing stuff with my kids, and I hate that. So Monday morning, I'm calling my doctor (a different one than before since we had to switch when we move) and getting it looked at again. Hopefully, there will be answers this time. Because Tylenol does nothing/very little for it, and I can't take prescription strength Ibuprofen for any length of time (or become an alcholic; I discovered over the holiday that drinking wine and the occasional cocktail blocked out the pain completely, lol).

Which is all a long-winded way of saying I'm taking it easy today, lol. I have edits that need to get done and fic I want to write, but I've only done two chapters of the former and none of the latter with all the distractions. Including writing this post. :D
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