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Starting the day off on the right foot

I haven't decided yet whether the fact that there are 40 items on my to do list is a good thing or a bad thing. On one hand, it keeps me busy and motivated throughout the day; there's nothing more satisfying than being able to cross something off and say finito. On the other hand, looking at it makes me tired before my day has even started. I suppose that's the good with the bad. :) And what's sad is that I don't count updating my LJ as one of those things, mainly because generally speaking, it's a non-essential.

The approaching conclusion to Rook prompts my thought for the day:

Every new beginning requires an ending. Sometimes, we see endings as a death. Endings are not a termination---terminations are only in our minds---endings are movements in a process that is ongoing. Changes are not endings.

It's odd, but Rook is the first story I've wanted a sequel to---and thought I had material to do---before I've finished writing it. Maybe it's because of the rather large tableau I created. Maybe it's because of how some of the relationships are ending. Every other fic I've done, I've felt that all was said that I wanted to say. This totally different. I'm not even sure it has a big enough audience to warrant a sequel (by my web stats, it certainly doesn't have the readership that Rhapsody or Charms does, which may be because it's an AU), but I'll probably do it anyway. Not for awhile yet, though. If the schedule holds and I keep my current writing pace up, it won't get started until the end of 2004, and who knows, maybe Spuffy will be dead by then.

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