Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

A busy weekend

Well, crap. I forgot to post yesterday. Actually, I forgot a lot of stuff yesterday. We were supposed to get the kids signed up for ball, but the weather was dismal, and we got wrapped up in cleaning Alex's room in preparation for getting in the new desk we just got for him. I was wrapped up in trying to finally finish my overdue submission, too - which I did, woo hoo! That means I can finally, FINALLY, let myself think about fic again. I was bad when I was writing Poetry & Rhetoric, because I let that consume me, and often, worked on that instead of what I should have been writing. But my next deadline for original solo work is 3/1/11, and that's only a novella, so I can take a break and write something purely for fun.

There's another KMM prompt that I've been toying with - something A/G - and pepperlandgirl4 and I want to collaborate on an A/G/M adventure fic. I loved them as a threesome before, but after 3x10, I want it even more. The holiday week ahead of us will slow me down, but hopefully, I'll have enough written to be able to start posting the week after.

I went shoe shopping today, mostly to get Alicia some new shoes since a) her feet are growing at scary rates (my almost 11 y/o wears the same size 8 I do now), and b) her old ones were in dire need of replacement. She picked up three pairs - tennis shoes for gym, cute sneakers with tons of scribbles and glitter, and black boots. I decided to treat myself to a pair, too, so I got these except in brown.

And the shopping for Thanksgiving is mostly done, too. A productive weekend all around. Even though we forgot a few things, lol.
Tags: alicia, fic, life

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