Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Fandom is the best

You know, the best thing that ever happened to me - outside of meeting Craig - was falling into the Spuffy corner of fandom all those years ago. What it's given to me has been immeasurable. It got me writing again. It gave me pepperlandgirl4. It gained me more friends than I could ever imagine. It taught me about playing in other people's sandboxes, and how liberating that could be.

And even though I haven't written in the Spuffy fandom in a couple years now, it still manages to surprise and delight me. Today, the winners of Round 2 at the c2c_buffyawards were announced. I got an email with a link to the winners. Color me shocked to see my name up there in various categories. I had the biggest smile for hours after I saw it. Because it's so damn satisfying to know people are still taking enjoyment from the stories, even now.

So thank you to everyone over at c2c_buffyawards. You very much made my day. And HUGE congratulations to all the other winners! What a joy to see both old and new names on the list. :)
Tags: awards

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