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Another fic rec

Here I am with 15 things still left on my To Do list from today (even though I've already crossed off 23) and I'm reading. Fanfic. Of course, I've also read another chapter on my Victorian history research in anticipation of my William fic, so reading still counts as productive, doesn't it?

Except when I'm here to recommend a X/A fic. Sigh. But here goes...

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Sex Poodles by Doyle

Rated R, takes place the summer after S4. Not horribly long (just over 2500 words). It's funny, it's witty, it's sweet and sexy without going into NC17 territory, it's happy fic with an excellent Xander voice. And one of my favorite snippets:

The vampire plucked a pack of cookies from the shelf. It was like the magic tricks Uncle Rory used to try at Christmas, except this actually worked - one minute there was a box of cookies, the next it had disappeared inside the leather duster.

"Are you shoplifting?!" Xander hissed.

Spike's eyes widened to anime proportions. "Heavens, no!" he said. "People will start to think I'm evil." A packet of breadsticks went the same route as the cookies.

And I'm officially done going over my bookmarked fics from BBF to read so no more recs from me today. Or for awhile, probably, since I should really concentrate on that To Do list.

Oh! And Craig informed me today that they're trying to get him to go to CA the end of January for work purposes. And GotR just happens to be playing on the 30th. And now Craig is actually pushing for it, and maybe I'll get to go...

Of course, I probably won't, but still...nice to dream. :)

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