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Getting to Know You - Day 20

Day 20 – This month, in great detail

This month marks the beginning of my favorite time of the year. Yes, I'm one of those annoying people who adores the Christmas holidays. I love the tradition, I love the decorating, I love getting to bake, I love buying presents...about the only thing that I don't love is actually receiving presents but that's because I'm the kind of personality that's uncomfortable getting things for free from people, lol.

But I'm kind to my family and refrain from going mad about it until the day after Thanksgiving. So the end of this month in great detail? Me decorating and doing Christmas cards. Which reminds me I have to get my card post up tomorrow sometime.

In the meantime...I'm racing to get a short novel done that's already overdue. I let it slack because I was all caught up in my fanfic, but since I finished the story that was eating my brain on Sunday, I've been focusing on the original. Pepper and I got back to work on our next project that's due, while I work on my solo project in between.

Oh! Yesterday, we got another contract offer from Carina, Harlequin's e-imprint! It's for a book called The Unmourned, an urban fantasy set in Antarctica about a team of hand-picked specialists who have been sent there to defend Earth against creatures crawling out of the ice. If all goes well, it'll be the first in a series, but we'll see how that goes. Our editor loved it, which bodes well. This will be our fifth contracted book with them - the three book Silver Maiden series, an m/m futuristic sci-fi, and this one. We love working with them. The entire team is so talented, and our editor one of the best we've ever had. She's thorough, and always has fantastic suggestions on how to make things better.

Hm...what else? The kids have an insane amount of school off this month. They had half days all last week because of parent/teacher conferences. Alex's teacher wants to clone him. He got tagged for GATE (California's gifted and talented program), though his school has zero funding to actually do anything. And he's getting the Principal's Honor next week at the school assembly. Not bad for a third grader. ;) They also have the rest of this week off, as well as the entire week of Thanksgiving. Alicia has a ton of schoolwork, as well as band (she started playing flute this year), a ton of chorus rehearsals in preparation for concerts next month, and reading at B&N next week as part of the ambassador program at school. She and her best friend are going to be reading The Gruffalo to kids who come into the store. I'm so proud of her. Of both of them. :)

We find out next Tuesday whether or not my MIL will be able to fly over for Christmas. With all her health issues, the thing holding us back at this point is her lungs. She has a lowered lung capacity now, so the lower oxygen levels on a flight might prove too much. If she does come, it won't be the ten weeks of previous years. It'll only be two or three. Her treatments for her other health issues have to be done in the hospital, and she has those every fortnight or so depending on her levels.

And then there's Thanksgiving. We celebrate it with another family, whose extended family lives in another state. They have four kids, so it's expensive to travel, so over the past few years, we've gotten into the tradition of sharing the holiday between us. It's so much better this way. They arrive Wednesday afternoon, we bake that night and do all the prep work, do the rest of the cooking on Thursday, then they go home on Friday. Everybody can relax and drink if they want without having to worry about who's going to drive, and there's no rushing around and forgetting stuff because you're trying to get to the other house on time. It's turned Thanksgiving into my second favorite holiday of the year. :)

Is that it? Not quite. Because this weekend, I'm going into San Francisco with Craig to see Tom Lenk's one-man show. The only negative I have about that is that it's the same day Merlin airs. And the trailer for this new Merlin looks AMAZING. I really hope I don't have to wait until Sunday to watch it.

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