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Getting to Know You - Day 13

Day 13 – This week, in great detail

So...the past week? The week coming up? I'll go with this week from yesterday through Sunday, and talk about plans yet to come because otherwise, this would be unbearably long and boring, lol.

This week is parent/teacher conferences at school, so the kids have half days until Friday. That means our routine is a little different than usual, since I'm picking them up before lunch and they have more time in the afternoon. The weather has gone nice again - high 60s/low 70s w/sunshine all week - so there's been a lot of time at the park already, and I foresee even more ahead.

Craig went into work yesterday for the first time since last Tuesday. Last week, we went into the ER on Tuesday because he was having stomach pains where his appendix is that were growing steadily worse. The scan they did couldn't visualize anything specifically with his appendix, so they sent him home with warnings to keep an eye out on symptoms. On Thursday, he went and saw our doctor again - still with pain - and when he saw him again on Friday (at the doctor's request), he still had enough pain for the doctor to be concerned. He was promptly sent back to the ER, where this time, they scanned him with the new machine and diagnosed him with epiploic appendagitis. Uncommon but benign, and self-resolves usually within a week. So since he didn't have to worry about his appendix bursting anymore, Craig went back into the office today.

I've been busy with writing, and see that continuing as I'm now past a deadline and desperately need to finish. Good news is that the story is shorter so hopefully I won't be too late. Bad news is I've been utterly consumed by this Merlin fanfic I've been working on, and since I'm thisclose to the end, it's been impossible to ignore. I was strong enough not to start the next part on that today, working on my original story instead, but it's tough.

Oh! I tried a new recipe last night that my friend Lisa gave me for portobello mushroom and basil cream lasagna. Alicia can't stand red sauces or ricotta cheese, so finding a lasagna recipe she'll eat has been a trick. She LOVES this. It turned out phenomenal. I'll post the recipe at some point to share with everyone.

Tomorrow, we're off to conferences with Alicia and Alex's teachers. I don't think we'll hear anything bad or surprising.

This weekend will likely be getting ready for Thanksgiving/shopping for Christmas stuff. I love this time of year, but it's definitely a busy one. Craig's mum will be taking a test on the 16th to determine whether or not she can handle the flight to come over here for Christmas. If she passes, it'll only be a visit of 2 or 3 weeks, not the 10 weeks of before. She's still undergoing regular treatments and can't be out of the UK for longer than that. I think it'll be good for both of us to have the visit that length. We can appreciate the time together.

At some point this week, I'm making duck for dinner. The kids have it in their head they want duck for Christmas this year, so we're doing a trial run to see if it's viable.

Other than that...nope, can't think of anything interesting. Piano lessons, school, shopping, cleaning, it's more of the usual here around the Harris house.

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