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OK, so I'm winding down here for the end of my day and I'm looking for something to read while I eat my dinner. Except I've already finished all the nominees at LLGA, so I decide to start going through my bookmarks of stories that looked interesting over at BBF. And I find this little gem:

Lilah and Xander vs. the Zombie Gods of Redding by Jennifer-Oksana

Now, I don't normally seek out stories that feature either Xander or Lilah (especially Lilah, I find her annoying most of the time), but this was rec'd as being short and funny, so I decided to give it a go. Plus, it has that title; that was incentive to at least try it.

And boy, am I glad I did. Very amusing, with absolutely delectable dialogue between X and L. Plus, making fun of Angel. Always fun. It's set post-Chosen so anyone who hasn't seen through S7/S4 (is there really anyone out there left?) and doesn't want to be spoiled should stay away. I was looking for a tidbit to give you a taste, but it's not that long and every part I liked led into another one and another one, so I'm not going to. Go read it for yourself. It won't take that long. :)

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